A sudden glance, a wrong turn, a new town and a chance meeting. All are opportunities to Engage with Humanity. Saw this quote at the beginning of the week and LOVED it…”Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to Mediocrity. Take A Detour….” I have always been of that mindset but came into the new year with a verve for life that won’t allow me to leave any stone unturned. Below are some quick tips on turning right to start living life:

  • Tip Numero Uno – Be daring and take a solo vacation. Life begins when you just take a leap outside your comfort zone.
  • Tip Numero Dos – In staycation mode? Find adventure in your own backyard. Take a dance class, cooking class, go to a sporting event…do anything that makes your heart sing.
  • Tip Numero Tres – Try to engage with humanity. Smile – make the extra effort to make daily meaningful connections.
  • Tip Numero Quatro – Find your glow from within. Meditate daily and always try to reset off days from a space of gratitude.
  • Tip Numero Cinco – Free yourself with honesty. Why play the games in love or life?


What fuels your #inspo?  Until next time……




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