Today’s #OMA. Fracking and Farms Can’t Co-Exist

Fracking Our Food Supply  Credit: The Organic Consumers Association

Fracking Our Food Supply Credit: The
Organic Consumers Association

Here is today’s M.U.S.T. #OMA…a simple One Minute Action you can take.  According to a petition launched by the Organic Consumers Association California is the largest producer of food in the U.S.  While you may not live in California, but chances are a lot of the food you buy, including organic produce, is grown there. In 2011, the state’s 81,500 farms and ranches had sales of $43.5 billion. What happens to our food if we frack and poison the groundwater that irrigates California’s farms? Sign the Petition here:
The U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has already auctioned off 1,750 square miles of California’s public lands to oil companies intent on extracting oil, using a controversial technology called hydraulic fracturing – or fracking. In May, the BLM plans to auction off even more of California’s Monterey Shale, a geological formation that extends from northern California to Los Angeles, and is home to cattle ranches, dairy farms, vineyards and organic farms.

Fracking and farms cannot co-exist, as we’ve heard over and over from farmers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Dakota, West Virginia and Colorado. Farmers whose lives and farms have been ruined by fracking’s methane emissions and toxic chemicals. As one farmer explained, “We depend on good water for our cows, our crops and our own health. Once you mess up your groundwater, you can’t fix it.”

Can you take One Minute to help launch change? Tell the Bureau of Land Management to stop auctioning off California’s public lands for fracking.  Please sign this petition and pass it on if you believe that fracking and our farms do not mix.

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