Where Will You Be on Sunday, September 21st?

In September, world leaders are coming to New York City for a UN summit on the climate crisis. UN Secretary­ General Ban Ki-­moon is urging governments to support an ambitious global agreement to dramatically reduce global warming pollution. With our … Continue reading

Tree-T-Pee, Water Conservation and Our Farmers

  This past Friday viewers were all blessed to meet Johnny Georges on what has become one of my absolute favorite shows the Shark Tank.  Johnny is the founder of a company called the Tree-T-Pee. The Tree T Pee was … Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy, Climate Change and the Solutions

    Hurricane Sandy’s one year anniversary is this coming Tuesday.  It’s hard to believe that a year has past so quickly.  Many citizens compassionately gave to those in need.  Hurricane Sandy brought the issue of climate change further to … Continue reading

When Baseball Brings Locally Grown Food from Centerfield to Table

Most people don’t know that my former career was actually sports reporting.  My love for sports started at a very early age when my dad would take me to football games and took the time to explain the xxxx’s and … Continue reading

This Week’s #OMA Food Alert — Chobani Yogurt and GMOs

This week’s #OMA (One Minute Action).  I was personally sad to learn this week that NY based Chobani yogurt is potentially using milk from cows who are consuming GMO laced feed.  I always try to support local brands/farms/businesses that seem … Continue reading

Throwing Stones at Goliath Selected for Green Unplugged Film Festival

We are honored to announce that our documentary, Throwing Stones at Goliath, was selected for the Green Unplugged film festival.  You can watch our new edited combined version at this link. If you are new to this story, the community of Minisink, … Continue reading