“We cannot simply think of our survival; each new generation is responsible to ensure the survival of the seventh generation.”– Iroquois Indians


Welcome to M.U.S.T.!

This website is your starting point to learning and sharing ideas on the environment, sustainability, our food supply and what’s good for our children’s health.

Mothers United for Sustainable Technologies was born over two years ago during a coffee chat with a few moms who were concerned about the dangers of a process called hydraulic fracturing. We realized that although one issue brought us together to create M.U.S.T.  it’s vision was much broader.

So who is M.U.S.T.?

M.U.S.T.  is  Your voice, My Voice, Our Voices  –All Together.

M.U.S.T. is the voice of parents and citizens from around the world who want a sustainable future.

We plan to create original video content to educate people on various issues and solutions.  However, the great thing about M.U.S.T.  is that you can contribute as well.  This website is not only going to be a source of information for you but also a place where we can educate each other on the environment, gmo’s , hydraulic fracturing, tar sands, sustainable solutions and issues that are impacting you personally.  You have the opportunity to be one of the voices who powers change by submitting a video that will be featured on our website.

For our Friends on the Move we’ve created a feature called the One Minute Activist. These fast action alerts will take less than one minute of your time but add all of our minutes together and we become a force for change.

So we invite you to explore our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter .

We hope you will join us on this journey!

Tanyette Colón

Co-Founder, M.U.S.T.