10 Crunchy Green Travel Tips Every Frequent Traveler Should Know


If you landed here, you’ve probably heard of green travel, ecotourism, or the term crunchy aka granola.  Well, all of these terms are not myths, they are living, breathing realities making the world of travel a much better place.


It’s time for all frequent travelers to start being more green to help keep planet earth fresh and healthy.  The best part about learning these green travel tips is you can spread them to your friends or people you meet along the way of your epic voyage through space and time (maybe not that epic but you get the point).


  1. Rent an Electric Car

Rental car companies are starting to jump on the green bandwagon, and it’s a beautiful thing.  A lot of cities around the world are also Installing places to recharge.  Make sure to look into green options first.


  1. Trains Over Planes

Trains leave the smallest carbon footprint along with green buses. Just imagine seeing the beautiful countryside of a foreign country by train instead of an internal flight.  Also, you can save yourself some money by taking an overnight train instead of buying a hotel room.


  1. Leave No Trace Like Burning Man Just Ended

This one is self-explanatory.  Leave any place the same way you found it only with more love than when you got there.  Always remember to unplug everything and turn the power off in your own home and while you travel.


  1. Research Volunteer Programs Around the World

Volunteering can make anybody feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  There are plenty of volunteer programs in almost every country.  You may even find one that allows you to stay for free in exchange for your services.


  1. Reusable Leak-Proof Bottles Are Super Crunchy

You know all those fancy shampoos and body care products you can’t live without?  Buy a set of leak-proof bottles in a quart-sized bag, then you can fly with them and always feel more comfortable.


  1. Green Lodging

Ecotourism and green hotels are becoming more and more widespread.  See if your destination has a green bed & breakfast or hotel.  It will make your travel experience so much better!  You’ll also have a cool story for your friends.


  1. Bike the City

A lot of cities offer bike rentals and have designated bike paths.  If you take a trip to the beautiful city of Amsterdam, you will see that almost everyone there bikes.  Just make sure not to get in a local’s way or he or she may blow a bike horn at you!


  1. Avoid Tourist Traps Like the Plague

Tourist traps are the least green travel destinations in the world.  The people there only want your money and are not taking care of the area or thinking green.  Burn your own path and do something more unique!


  1. Eat Local

Eating local is a great way to learn about foreign culture and truly experience what it’s like to live like a local.  Try to find a good host on Airbnb.com; he or she will hook you up with all the best spots and make your trip more productive.


  1. Spread the Love by Providing Valuable Feedback

Once your journey is over, provide feedback to other travelers who want to travel green.  Sites like TripAdvisor.com are great places to share knowledge.  It feels good to help others make the best of their once-in-a-lifetime travels and cut down the stress of planning.


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