10 Must Have Solar Gadgets for the Budding Green Enthusiast


Solar power is finding its way into some pretty neat gadgets and evolving past gigantic panels on the side of a home or teeny-tiny panels inside of a watch.  We all know technology evolves at a rapid rate, so it’s only natural for solar tech to continue its evolution.


Most people have never heard of all these nifty gadgets or thought about how much they can enhance their lives by using them.  Whether you are a veteran green enthusiast or new to the community, this list will surely inspire you to become a darker shade of green.


  1. Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker



The solar-powered bluetooth speaker is one of the greatest inventions on earth.  The ability to have your favorite tunes bumping during a long day at the beach is heavenly.  You can also use these to jazz up an outdoor party or bbq.


  1. Solar Reading Lamp and USB Charger


These are great for travelers, campers or children who have to share a room with their evil siblings.  The USB charger feature is a great source of emergency energy in case your phone dies in bear country.


  1. Solar Lantern



The keeper of light is always the most popular person on any outdoor excursion.  A lot of these lamps pack a serious punch too – up to eight hours of light off a single charge!  If the sun isn’t out, some models have a USB charging option.


  1. Solar-Powered Flashlight


It’s only natural to covert light into light.  The more advanced solar flashlights can shine for up to two hours on a full charge.  Some models offer a hand crank in case the batteries run out of juice.  Never get lost in the woods again (depending on who you are)!


  1. Sunport Solar Plug

This is a neat little gadget designed to allow families to use solar power straight from their home outlets.  It may seem complicated, but Sunport does a great job of explaining how to use it.  Essentially, the user purchases solar renewable energy credits from the power company and then plugs the Sunport into an outlet to use the credits.


  1. Solar Bike Lock

Solar bike locks are quickly becoming more popular because of the awesome features they offer.  The solar bike lock can connect to a smart phone and unlock when the user approaches his or her bike.  It can also detect crashes and send the bike’s owner theft alerts.


  1. Solar Backpack

The point of a solar backpack is the ability to charge your accessories without having to lug around any chargers.  The newer ones are starting to look more stylish.  All the cool kids are using them.


  1. Solar Window Charger

The solar window charger is one of those things the savviest travelers own.  Just think how fly you will look when you get the window seat on your next flight and connect one of these puppies to charge your phone or tablet.  People will be like, what! (add the animated Minaj gif here)


  1. Solar Cell Phone Charger

Solar cell phone chargers have come a long way since their inception.  Newer models can fully charge an iPhone 7 multiple times on one charge.  If you’re spending the day outside, you can enjoy unlimited energy making these ideal for camping or any outdoor adventure.


  1. Solar-Powered Inflatable Light

Last but not least, the solar-powered inflatable light.  If you thought the solar lantern provided a ton of light, these can provide double the amount on a full charge!  Enjoy up to 16 hours of LED light after roughly six hours of charging time.  They float too!


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