How to Let Go, Love, Recharge and Launch Forward

No matter what political side of the fence you fall on it’s hard to deny that the

past few weeks have been….well, absolutely stressful.  Whenever I feel

overwhelmed, I try to reset by grounding myself in inspiration.  It allows me to

stop for just a moment so I can reconnect with the things in my life I love and

there is always someone or multiple things to be grateful for.  The idea of letting go is

not one I have ever taken too kindly to.  Perhaps, it may be the idea of losing control.

We all know that anything you hold on tightly to can’t grow and if it can’t grow there

is no forward progression.  I came into 2017 wanting to live as bold as a Queen and really kick

up my social mission driven projects.  So here I am, with the re-launch of a site that I hope

will inspire all of you to make a daily difference.  Last Friday, I decided to see a friend’s

documentary called, “How To Let Go Of The World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t

Change.”  It’s definitely a lofty title but it is ever so worth viewing.   I cried, laughed,

 learned, loved and danced. I am ever so inspired by humans and our greatest asset of

 all…Our Hearts. This was a beautifully woven journey that Josh Fox takes us on that shows

 how interconnected we all truly are. I am about to embark on my own moral imagination

 journey not knowing if this idea I have will work but surrendering myself to the process that

 knows any forward movement always represents some form of progression.  Available for

 download on YouTube, Netflix, etc.





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