Mood: If I were Brad Pitt, I would hideout in Milos, Greece. 

Photo Credit: Ryan McGinley

Read the Brad Pitt article a few weeks ago in the summer issue of GQ style:


What a raw and grounding interview plus, anyone who is a fan of Jeff Buckley and Frank Ocean’s music is a kindred spirit of mine. Can I ever relate to some of where he is. Life will definitely humble you no matter what status/fame you may have. One of the drawbacks of traveling solo is the occasional, “Why are you alone?” Which usually makes me feel obligated to tell my whole life’s story on how I even arrived here. In Milos, Greece it was the running theme but although a part of me wanted to resent and struggle through the fact that yes, I am indeed alone on this gorgeous island, after licking my occasional wounds during my 48 hour stay, I decided to have fun with it. I ended up at this adorable restaurant called, Barriello in Trypiti more by necessity as I had a client call and needed wifi capabilities.  It turned out to be an incredible farm to table eats. Sure enough, the first question out of the waiter’s mouth was, “Where is your boyfriend?”  Which I immediately replied with a smile, “Unless Brad Pitt is walking through the door in the next 5 minutes, it’s just me ;).”

Needless to say, this million plus year old island is the perfect place for adventure. About Milos, it’s part of the Western Cyclades island chain.  You may have heard of “his” more popular sister islands, Mykonos and Santorini.

I am an off the beaten path kinda girl so while on the my last minute flight to Greece I read about Milos in the Aegean airlines magazine. Part understated cool, amazing cuisine, plenty of hiking possibilities, white-washed cycladic villages, stunning sunsets and multiple beaches it’s set-up so you can carve out the type of adventure you would like.  It is definitely an undiscovered gem so, if you are looking for beating the tourist traps of the other islands and want to integrate with what Greek island life is really about….Milos, is a no-brainer.

So yes, If I were Brad Pitt, this would be my go to spot if I wanted to be undercover and just be Brad.  My only caveat is I would want to make sure our vacay schedules align ;).

P.S. Client calls and hourly church bells ringing are a bad combination. No es muy bueno 😅…I don’t think my boss was too happy with my choices that day.

To choose To Live Now and Always….




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