Story by: Megan Guertner

“Last week I landed in the city of Los Angeles for a few days. Address in hand, with not really a clear idea of where exactly I was going. I jumped in an Uber and the driver dropped me off asking me if I was sure I was in the right location. I couldn’t see an entrance, but the street corner was full of greenery; hanging bananas, celery, kale and other earthly delights. A dead give away that this was the location to the “Gangster Gardener’s” oasis.
I met Ron Finley (@ronfinleyhq) at The Mad Symposium (@themadfeed) in Copenhagen in 2014. After initially seeing his Ted Talk (@ted) and then hearing him speak at MAD I was blown away by his words, passion, and mission.
His work has done wonders for the City of Los Angeles. As he casually states, “I put a carrot in the ground and all hell broke loose.”
 In 2010, he started something that changed the city laws for the City of Los Angeles. He started a petition with fellow green activists, demanding the right to garden and grow food in his neighborhood and then, the city backed off.  His community gardens have caught the attention from media, activists, creative leaders and visitors from all over the world.
 His words and mindset are simple, – If we/you/me are going to make a change then do it. If it needs to change then change it. “Plant your own shit.” His message is just the beginning to create change in communities that so desperately need it. Not one person can do this alone and his message is for all of us to start doing something about it.
We hope to bring the screening of his film, Can You Dig This, (@canyoudigthisfilm) to Oslo soon. Stay tuned…
For those of you in other countries who want to host a screening go to the (@canyoudigthisfilm) site and send a request.
Spread the word. Plant the seed! Change your community! Plant your own shit!
#plantsomeshit #plantyourownshit
About Megan:
A world traveling, food nerd, dark chocolate connoisseur, sustainability seeker, social media junkie, lover of most things foreign, TED Talk addict, plant whisperer, eternal yoga student, connecter and passionate about those that are doing awesome things to make the world a better place. 
Megan Guertner had been living in Oslo, Norway since 2012. Arriving from a semi-short stint in New York City with a degree in Visual Communications, a passion for food and a certification in Culinary Nutrition she got to know Oslo’s food community by volunteering for Food studio. An opportunity came her way and PUR Oslo was born.
PUR Oslo was created to offer Oslo healthier food options to a much-needed market. Based on organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free ingredients, she managed to grow the brand, teach courses and raise awareness about the importance of the quality of food we put into our bodies. Food is medicine!

As of May production has ceased however Megan continues to write and post for PUR Oslo’s social media pages and is working on research, product development and helping other businesses with brand development, marketing and communications strategies and design.



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