Being a creative individual comes with many strengths. We are natural connectors, visionaries, and innovators. We see the big picture often we second guess ourselves because we connect the dots effortlessly. As a woman of color and first-generation educated womenwe walk through the world with a vulnerability what makes our journey so engaging and human. This vulnerability is also, our weakness. We give away our ideas with a hope and not a business contract. In our vulnerabilities, we get into unproductive negativity that drives people away when we actually need people.

In my journey discovering my brand and business, I tried many different hats. I tried the yes hat; saying yes to everything will help me gain the right connections, right?


I tried the consultant hat, give input to planning, implementation, and analyzes programs, and project. I was like Yoda, but not getting that Hollywood recognition. 

Volunteer work does pay off, but careful make sure it truly aligns with your goals and career. I tried the Mommy/ PTO leader hat, while I love our school; the lack of diversity in the PTO was impactful for me.

I tried all of these hats but left my hat on the hook. 

Because I didn’t believe I was enough.


When another woman or man told me I was enough, I look into their eyes and I wanted to run in fear. Fear is that last bridge you want to cross.

As a Latina/Chicana we are told and taught to give to our familia, to our husbands, and our children. I still get teary when I leave my house, husband and kids behind. I somehow shake off that old Mexican hat for this Wisconsin Mujer hat, which is who I amThe Wisconsin woman who spends a day discovering her boundaries, making mistakes and dreaming her brand. In my vulnerable moments, I discovered my brand was a Mexican point of view for outreach, marketing, and social media strategies that come from a unique place of resilience, radical self-love, and cultural awareness. Wisconsin Mujer is a brand that helps business navigate diversity and make it part of their overall brand versus a one-sided campaign and we help small business share their products and services using social media.



Araceli Esparza is the founder and owner of Wisconsin Mujer a social media boutique that specializes in strategic outreach targeting diverse populations. Her experience in sales comes from ten years of working in outreach and fundraising positions with local government, colleges, and large non-profit agencies. Wisconsin Mujer has been featured in Wisconsin Life and has been a speaker at many conferences and workshops.


Website: www.wisconsinmujer.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WisconsinMujer

Instagram:  @wisconsin_mujer


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